Episode 22 cover
Episode 22: Fire and Rain Cafe and Spackle Sang
June 13, 2017   Download Episode | Play Episode (47:48)
  • 1:04 Spooky Eats
  • 11:30 Story: “Fire and Rain Cafe”
  • 23:41 Story: “Spackle Sang”
  • 32:33 Spooky Trivia
  • 44:52 Spooky Feedback

Karaoke. Can anyone actually pronounce the word correctly? The answer is no, because it’s a Frankenstein word derived from an ancient cat language, long gone.

While the act of singing a song you didn’t write in front of people you don’t know might seem scary, it’s got nothing on this month’s stories. They’re scary, man. Like, real scary. Bring an extra diaper or three.

This episode goes to places that you didn’t know existed. We have the true history of tofu bacon, stick shaking proverbs, and the latest gossip about summer books by cryptids.

We also have some great feedback, which reminds me that you should write us some feedback! We know you’ve been waiting for that special occasion, but I think this is it. I mean, this is SUCH a great opportunity to write some feedback.