Episode 24 cover
Episode 24: Spooktacular 2017
October 13, 2017   Download Episode | Play Episode (1:26:29)
  • 1:32 Spooky Movie Pitches
  • 10:13 Story: “Evil Jon: Origins”
  • 21:07 Live from: Denver Zombie Crawl
  • 27:48 Spooky Books: “The 4 Hour Skeleton”
  • 37:15 Story: “Celeste the Mummy”
  • 45:55 Live from: Dallas Arboretum
  • 52:08 Spooky Manners
  • 59:06 Story: “Bull and Frog”
  • 1:13:19 Spooky Electronics

Well here it is, Noodlers. Spooktacular II, AKA Episode 24.

Back from our brief hiatus just in time for Friday the 13th, we thought it the perfect opportunity to put another notch on the ol’ Spooky Wall and record the next volume to 2015’s incredibly epic Spooktacular episode.

This time we address some really important stuff, like what to do when hosting a vampire dinner party. We pitch some tentpole blockbusters that are to be made once M. Night stops dodging our calls. Josh tells a terrifying true story about Jon’s supremely evil beginnings, and Jon tells a story about a dumb mummy lady.

Two live segments prove once again why Spooky Noodle is the leader in paranormal investigative journalism. A collaborative story will make your hair stand on end while Josh and Jon learn the story at the same time they tell it.

So go ahead and give it a listen and find out for yourself what awaits you within the pages of “The 4 Hour Skeleton,” this season’s least sought-after self-help book of middling quality and dubious intent.