Episode 25 cover
Episode 25: Death Tree and Alexis's Arboreus Ascent
February 13, 2018   Download Episode | Play Episode (39:07)
  • 2:26 Spooky News
  • 10:30 Story: “Death Tree”
  • 21:03 Story: “Alexis’s Arboreus Ascent”
  • 31:01 Spooky Lightning Round

It’s Episode 25, which means we’re halfway to 50, which is halfway to 100, which is a three-digit number! Never thought we’d make it this far, did you? Well, we showed you!

This month in Spooky Noodlelandia, we explore an age old question: what are treehouses? Like, what are they really? By the end of the episode, you’ll be just as unsure as we have has been.

Celebrate the 12,000th anniversary of the original Valentine’s Day with us while we discuss the Super Bowl’s hologram attendees, space travel via springs, and how many nickels the Taj Mahal is worth.

Send us some feedback and we’ll almost definitely read it on air, because our mysterious new owner seems to insist that we keep reading things to him. He’s peculiar like that.