Episode 26 cover
Episode 26: The Last Rail Ride and Flopalot Rides the Z-Line
March 13, 2018   Download Episode | Play Episode (41:16)
  • 1:08 Spooky Friends
  • 12:09 Story: “The Last Rail Ride”
  • 23:29 Story: “Flopalot Rides the Z-Line”
  • 31:11 Spooky Games
  • 37:36 Feedback

Where were you when you first constructed a best friend out of haunted sticks? Or maybe you just wish a Japanese ghost would make you some rainwater? Or perhaps you aim to befriend both the Loch Ness monster and Charlie the king chupacabra?

If you answered yes to questions I didn’t ask, then you’ve come to the right place!

Trains are scary, but it’s a fact of modern life that we all just have to pretend to be okay coexisting with them. Well, we here at Spooky Noodle say sod that! See, we’re trying to be more British in our day-to-day, but also our new owner, the caffeinated alien, is opening a very large grass sod company (and we think he’s looking for investors!).

In this 26th episode of pure podcast bliss, we dig in deep and see trains for what they are: either fun old western romps in a mysterious diary, or zoos turned bloodbath. There is no in between.

So come on in and play a round of Death: the Boardgame, and maybe get a few screams out in Truth or Scare!